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Therapeutic Landscapes

In Harrington McAvan Ltd has a special interest in creating therapeutic facilities, serving children with special needs. Our designs to provide a range of accessible recreational facilities. Our goal is to maximize the recreational potential of the site for both clients and the general public, while protecting and enhancing its unique environmental features.

At the Rotary Children's Centre in Waterloo we designed an accessible therapeutic playground, picnic and barbecue area, a toboggan hill, a bird feeding station, a wetland observation boardwalk, recreational trails and ramps, as well as a naturalization areas. All features are completely accessible and are linked to surrounding municipal recreational trails. In order to protect the water quality in Colonial Creek, site stormwater is naturally filtered and cooled in a constructed wetland, prior to being slowly discharged from the site.

We are proud recipients of a 1999 City of Waterloo Site Plan Award for Rotary Children's Centre, given to "acknowledge the excellence of design and the high quality of development inherent in this project."

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