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Our Philosophy

Harrington McAvan Ltd. is widely known for our informed approach to environmental landscape design, balancing human needs with natural processes. Formerly Harrington and Hoyle, and initially established as Englar Harrington Leonard Ltd., the firm has a strong and proven track record of successfully developing innovative and inspired solutions to a range of design challenges.  In 1980 we adopted the principles of the World Conservation Strategy and strive to apply them in all of our work. Over time the firm has evolved and we continually advance our technology, but our core philosophy on consulting is the same today as it was in 1974...

"We exist to make our clients' lives easier.”


It’s our mission to address your concerns simply and completely.

  • We listen;
  • We present alternative solutions;
  • We help you select a course of action;
  • We make it happen.

It may seem simple, but surprisingly, our clients have let us know that, from their perspectives, it sometimes seems as if the ‘old school’ art of providing service has largely fallen by the wayside. They have also let us know that they appreciate our client-based approach and the exemplary service we provide along the journey.

Our success is your success.

  • We have over  40 years of technical know-how to draw upon.
  • We personally invest ourselves in each and every project. We partner with our clients and we take pride in our work.
  • Our size allows us to provide service at a variety of scales and you always have our full attention.
  • The firm’s partners participate in every phase of a project’s development from the initial inception of the idea right through to its successful fruition.
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