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Mount Pleasant Cemetery

In 2010 Harrington McAvan Ltd was retained by the City of Toronto to connect the Kay Gardner Beltline rail-to-trail conversion to Mount Pleasant Cemetery. New custom metal gates and an custom metal arch were designed to announce your passage from one great open space to the next.

A short time later and just steps down the road from that original project, the Mount Pleasant Group asked Harrington McAvan Ltd to help design and incorporate a new fountain at the cemetery main office. Together with Rob Brogee of Resicom, a new fountain was designed and created. Three large terracotta jugs sit atop a masonry wall, their seemingly endless supply of water cascading down onto large boulders and disappearing into a riverstone bed. The riverstone bed conceals the pool which serves to capture and recycle the water.

The surrounding landscape is heavily planted with a combination of tall grasses, evergreen shrubs, and an iconic Japanese Maple.

The overall picture is one of peaceful meditation. A fitting entry to a sacred space.

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